Consumer demand for innovation, quality, and "coolness" in the Railway industry continues to increase – as does pressure to reduce cost and operate more lean.

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Compumod’s CAE tools allow railway companies to create and test virtual prototypes of components, subsystems, and full railway vehicles and bogies that are proven to save time and money when compared to the conventional “build and test” process. Compumod’s  solutions have been at work every day for many years.

Compumod’s solutions for the railway industry include modeling and analysis for:

  • Dynamic simulation of wheel-rail contact

  • Suspension Design

  • Durability and fatigue

  • Wear prediction

  • Crash and Safety

  • Creep analysis

  • Vehicle dynamics

  • Derailment Safety clearance

  • Ride and handling

  • Coupler design

  • Bogie analysis

  • Track loads prediction

  • Simulation of cargo tie-down effectiveness

  • Design of material handling equipment

  • Event reconstruction

  • Vehicle stability

  • Passenger Comfort

  • Chassis

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