The manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly, and adopting tools and methods to improve its products and processes. Best in class companies are evolving from the traditional engineering “build and break” process to virtual prototypes, and business survival is at stake.

Compumod is helping many manufacturers to make the transition with CAE tools and supporting services that ensure quick deployment and rapid return on investment.

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Compumod’s solutions for the Manufacturing industry include:

  • Gear & bearing modeling and analysis

  • Durability & fatigue analysis

  • Hydraulics & pneumatics simulation

  • Controls system modeling & analysis

  • Structural analysis

  • Noise & vibration analysis

  • Seal modeling & analysis

  • Pump modeling & analysis

  • Motion analysis for mechanisms
    & systems

  • Weight & shape optimization

  • Conveying equipment simulation

  • Material handling simulation

  • Turbine & rotating machinery
    modeling & analysis

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