BioMedical Engineering Software

Medical device manufacturers and biomedical engineering software specialists are challenged with designing products that are critical to patient survival and quality of life, successfully completing clinical trials, obtaining FDA approval, and all the while reducing cost and risk for their companies.

BioMedical Graphic

Compumod is a trusted engineering partner to medical product manufacturers. Our engineers have proven experience in medical device modeling and analysis, and have helped many companies get products to clinical trials and FDA approvals faster and with more consistent success.

Compumod’s  solutions for the Biomedical Industry include:

  • Stent analysis & deployment

  • Dental implants & restorative procedures

  • Biomechanics & stress analysis of joint replacements

  • Contact lenses & intraocular implants

  • Hospital beds & patient comfort studies

  • Device-tissue contact

  • Drug delivery devices

  • Radiology & imaging equipment

  • Pacing devices including pacemakers & defibrillators

  • Blood flow analysis

  • Medical packaging studies

  • Simulation Data & Process Management for FDA Compliance

  • Soft Tissue Modeling

"Using simulation, we were able to improve the design of implants prior to manufacturing and decrease costs of physical testing by approximately 40%."

Daniel Hertig
Computational Biomechanics
Zimmer GmbH

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