The Aerospace industry faces enormous challenges: mission critical products, limited physical prototyping, complex "system of systems" engineering, and widespread loss of engineering knowledge as experts retire, among others.

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Compumod has been a trusted partner to Aerospace since being founded in 1982. When it comes to accurately and reliably simulating large, complex, dynamic systems that are mission critical, our products are the best in the world. Our engineering staff also has deep experience in the industry, so we have the know-how to help you apply those products to Aerospace problems.

"In the new AeroSpace & Defence business, the simulation is a key strategic asset to sustain the innovation process and the product development, starting from the definition phase up to the validation."

Nazario Cauceglia
Chief Technical Officer
Alenia Aeronautica

Compumod’s solutions for Aerospace include:

  • Ground vibration testing (GVT)

  • Internal & external loads

  • Bird strike & ingestion

  • Assembly & part stress ("loads to notes")

  • Vehicle ditching (water, ground)

  • Aeroelastic static, gust & flutter simulation

  • Ballistics & weapons simulation

  • Large scale vehicle assembly modeling

  • Rotor dynamics Kinematic simulation of landing gear & wing flaps

  • Aircraft tie-down load analysis

  • Random vibration within space vehicles

  • Orbital heating

  • Tracked vehicle simulation

  • Composites modeling & failure analysis Materials management

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