Structural Optimisation

Product design and development requires that engineers consider trade-offs between product attributes in the areas of cost, weight, manufacturability, quality, and performance. The "optimum" design is in fact usually one in which compromises are acceptable, but understanding the impact of design decisions on all relevant attributes is tremendously difficult. Engineers are faced with the difficult challenge of determining how to arrive at the best overall design, making the right compromises, and not sacrificing in critical attributes like safety.

Structural Optimisation Graphic

Compumod's solutions for Design Improvement and Optimization include capabilities for shape, size and topology optimization for mechanical parts and systems. These capabilities are integrated with MSC's core FE solver MD Nastran, and also include capabilities to simultaneously optimize for differing requirements and disciplines (Multi Discipline Optimization -MDO).

Also, Compumod provides unique capabilities for the management of the process for design improvement and all of the associated CAE results and design iterations that are generated. MSC.SimManager provides a framework for design optimization and simulation process management that integrates with any commercial or in-house tools, and can also work with 3rd party optimization and design improvement packages to help with large scale assessments of a complex design space.

Capabilities include:

  • Optimisation

  • Multi-run and Design Space Exploration

  • Optimization and Design Improvement Process Integration and Management