Structural Mechanics

Structural testing and analysis is a basic requirement for engineers in every industry. In fact, the use of FEA for structural analysis has become so commonplace that some suggest it is “commodity technology” that can be selected on the basis of price. Smart engineering and CAE managers, however, are recognizing that price and cost are not synonymous. Choosing structural analysis solutions that can grow with your evolving needs, rather than become obsolete, leads to lower overall cost of ownership and the difference between a costly mistake and an achievement to be proud of.

Compumod provides a family of high performance solutions for structural FEA that meet the needs of beginning engineers and designers, experienced experts, and everyone in between. These solutions help companies meet their business challenges by helping engineers to develop deeper insight in their products through virtual testing. Engineers using Compumod’s structural analysis are able to evaluate many different types of designs, giving high confidence that the final design will successfully meet prescribed requirements, before the physical product is built. From single components to large complex systems, from linear static to highly non-linear dynamic problems, Compumod’s  structural analysis capabilities are built to grow with your business, optimize your cost of ownership, and support you in achieving your goals.

Structural Mechanics Applications

Capabilities include:

  • Analysis Types

  • Large Model, Systems and Assembly Modeling

  • Comprehensive Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

  • Composites and Advanced Material Modeling

  • Optimization and Design Improvement

  • Multidiscipline, Coupled and Chained Simulations

  • Simulation Process Automation and Content Management

Industry Uses

  • Aerospace & Defence: Airframe Stress and Vibrations, Landing Gear and Brake System Stress and Vibration, Aircraft Structural Systems Analysis, Aircraft Subsystems and Components Development, Composite Material Structures;

  • Automotive: Strength, Durability, N&V for: Vehicle System, Body-in-White, Trimmed Body, Chassis, Powertrain, Closures, HVAC system and Components, Interior Components; Vehicle Crash and Safety Development: Airbag deployment, Vehicle Crash, Roof Crush; Sound Engineering, Interior and Exterior Acoustics;

  • Consumer Products & Packaging: Power Tool N&V, Glass Forming, Thermal Forming, Extrusions, Blow Molding, Hotfilling, Analysis of fluid filled bottles, thermos, cooking utensils and stove, Sporting Goods N&V, Strength and Durability, Composite Materials;

  • Electronics: Electrical-Thermal-Mechanical Micro-Actuator, MEMS Devices, Soldering, PCB cooling, Ultrasonic motor, Structural Solenoid Actuator, Impact and Drop Testing, Vibration, Stress, Fatigu;e

  • Energy: Cooling Pipes, Transformers, Joule Heating, Electrical Laminations, Capacitor, switches, circuit breakers; Generator Vibrations and Acoustics; Wind Turbine Blade and Transmission Strength, Vibrations and Acoustics;

  • Government: Highway acoustic barriers, Explosion and safety of structures, Accident investigation;

  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery: Acoustic and vibration analysis, Composite and elastomer curing, furnace, Material processing including cutting, machining and rolling;

  • Medical: Blood flow analysis, Fluid bags, Laser welding, heart and other muscles, defibrillators, pacemaker, Artificial Valves, Prosthetics, Artificial Joints, Drug Delivery;

  • Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Automotive & Rail: Liquid transportation and sloshing, accident investigation, underwater explosion, arc welding, sonar, cabin noise control, exterior acoustics.

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