Crash and Impact

Many real-world engineering situations involve severe loads applied over very brief time intervals. While testing is crucial to analyze these types of loading scenarios, it can be expensive and sometimes economically infeasible to conduct physical tests - you can't build an oil tanker and then run it aground to check for oil spills, for example. Moreover, data from a single physical test can be insufficient and companies cannot afford to conduct several of them for more detailed information.

Compumod offers explicit dynamics solutions that can simulate the behavior of products from small components to extremely large assemblies to events such as a drop, crash, ballistic impact, severe vibration, or blast, and help optimize your design to withstand it. Built-in multiphysics capabilities including fluid-structure interaction ensure accurate and efficient solutions for a wide range of real-world operating environments).

Key capabilities that help you realize benefits of this technology include:

  • Comprehensive nonlinear material library

  • Ease and flexibility of contact analysis set up

  • Performance and robustness of numerical methods

  • Fluid-structure interaction

Crash & Impact Simulations

Industry Uses

  • Aerospace and Defence: Bird strike, Blade-out, Blade containment, Ditching, Ballistic impact, Explosions, Aircraft crashworthiness, Seat design and safety

  • Automotive: Crash, Airbag deployment, Hood/door slam, Tire/road contact, hydroplaning, Fuel tank sloshing

  • Packaging: Drop test, Fluid-sloshing, Bottle filling, Can or container crush

  • Electronics: Drop test, Shipping safety

  • Energy: Wind turbine blade stability, Bird impact, Storage facility safety from explosions, Underwater explosions, Fluid sloshing, Nuclear cask transportation, Pipe impact;

  • Government: Safety and defense, Earthquake studies;

  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery: Gear failure, Crash and impact, Grinding mill (Mining Industry);

  • Medical: Equipment safety, Fluid containers, Drop test and impact;

  • Shipbuilding: Underwater explosion, Crash;

  • Transportation: Safety and crash, Fluid cargo transportation.

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