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ETSII/UNED and Ingeciber began their partnership in 1993 by unifying their wide experience using numerical analysis methods in different research areas and professional engineering applications.

The objective was, and still is, to prepare specialists in the use of Finite Element Method (FEM) and CAE Simulation for practical professional application.

"…At the beginning of my professional career I undertook the master course provided by the UNED and Ingeciber, which gave me the bust in knowledge needed to understand the theory and practice behind the use of this method."

Gabriel Arias
Mechanical Engineer

Specialists in FEM (university professors and Ingeciber expert engineers) have designed elaborated a study programme that finally has became the International Master in Theoretical & Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation.

More than 2,500 postgraduates have participated in this Master's since then, which clearly demonstrates that the course has obtained wide prestige and recognition over the years.

Committed to excellence in teaching, research and innovation, the Partnership is actively engaged with industry, governments and universities across the world in tackling some of the major challenges of today and tomorrow.

We hope that you will consider undertaking our World class Master's Degree course and achieve your full potential.