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Phoenix Integration is a leading provider of software for engineering automation, integration, and design optimization.Phoenix’s flagship product PHX ModelCenter® is a graphical environment for process integration and design automation that enables engineers to perform powerful design exploration during product development and verification.

PHX ModelCenter’s next-generation product design and modelling & simulation framework empowers product development teams to find the best designs that meet targets on quality, cost and delivery schedules.

Phoenix Integration has also developed the AnalysisLibrary® product line.  PHX AnalysisLibrary replaces your shared drive and intelligently organizes and stores your engineering data for search and reuse.

Unlike traditional enterprise-level data management solutions, PHX AnalysisLibrary is a lightweight solution that builds on the tools and techniques your team already uses to collaborate: files and folders. In contrast to a traditional shared drive though, PHX AnalysisLibrary also adds file content searching, version control, along with rich, searchable metadata that can be attached to any file or folder, automatic metadata indexers that run when files are uploaded, access from Web browsers, e-mail notification of changed files, extensive API support, and more.

Make the Best Design Decisions

Phoenix Integration, a global leader in software integration and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO), provides process integration and design optimization software that empowers you to improve your decision-making and analysis management capabilities. Our software delivers MDO and simplifies System-of-Systems analysis.

Desktop Trade Studies

Improve your understanding of design alternatives and share your results with PHX ModelCenter, our visual environment for process integration.
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