Compumod Partner || Next Limit Technologies

Our mission at Next Limit Technologies is to provide cutting edge simulation technologies for a broad range of applications in Computer Graphics, Science and Engineering. Next Limit boasts a multidisciplinary team with expertise in physics, mathematics, computer graphics, engineering and visualization. The team shares a common vision which is the creation of new products that connect science, simulation and visualization using novel paradigms and innovative methodologies.

Next Limit was founded in 1998 and our corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. We lead an ever growing team of the best professionals in the industry, including remote technical staff spanning Europe and the USA, as well as a client support office in Santa Monica, California.

Next Limit has gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and power of our software simulation tools. Our state-of-the-art simulation packages have been widely acclaimed and awarded. Our products include "RealFlow" (fluid and dynamics simulation for 3D visual effects), "Maxwell Render" (physically accurate light simulation and render engine) and "XFlow" (CFD software for engineering and scientific applications). All our products have been developed using proprietary technology and are available for multiple platforms and can connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD/CAE markets.

Our research and development at Next Limit continues to explore and improve simulation techniques, advanced mathematical models and programming methodologies. We are a fast-moving, dynamic company, always innovating and pushing the boundaries of research to reach the "next limit"

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