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Applied DEM Inc. is a subsidiary of Overland Conveyor Company (OCC), an engineering consultancy and software development company headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, USA. OCC is recognized worldwide as an expert in the design and analysis of belt conveyor systems. OCC developed Chute Analyst™, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) application, to analyze material handling conditions within conveyor transfer chutes. Bulk Flow Analyst™ was later developed to offer additional capabilities appealing to other industries with bulk material handling requirements. Applied DEM was founded to market Bulk Flow Analyst™ software and services based upon DEM technology to these new industries. Applied DEM has resellers in Peru, Russia, South Africa, and now Australia.

Conveyor & Chute AnalysisThe DEM is a tool ideally-suited to the analysis of bulk material handling systems, as the behavior of each individual particle and each interaction between particles and between particles and system components are simulated. The DEM has been used to identify a large number of material handling issues including:

  • Dust production and dispersion

  • Component/structure loading

  • Component/structure wear and abrasion evaluation

  • Plugging

  • Material degradation

  • Mixing and segregation

  • Power requirements

  • More...

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